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Be a doctor of the people, and not just a doctor of the rich for a change.

Are we near equal therefore we are ranked closely in health care.Gupta was trying to find some minor discrepancy to point out in the film to appear as though he was looking at the film in a balanced way.I am not a Michael Moore fan but some of the argument you made yesterday about free health care system.I just wish people like Michael Moore would get their facts straight on other countries and instead of government bashing, do something constructive for THEIR country.

As for the Cuba numbers, the cost you cited makes his point better than the number he quoted in the movie.I repeat I have never had to wait an unreasonable amount of time for any medical emergency.Research studies that determine treatment protocols are commonly sponsored by them.Al gore was right and we all know that Michael Moore at least has the right idea.Yes our taxes may be higher than yours but no one goes bankrupt trying to pay medical bills if they develop a disease.Sanjay, Michael you both are professionals, we needed answers not cat fight which created cheap headline next day.People are getting mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore.Did Congress tell tens of millions of beneficiaries to get lost.Order all the advanced imaging equipment, MRI, CAT SCANS, and all the other vast amounts of equipment necessary, and have all this stuff delivered to the hospitals and tell the manufacturers and suppliers that we want all this equipment for free.

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That you chose, ad nauseum, to banter about one statistic was petty and unprofessional.He represents the incarnation of our societal values applied to medicine: attractive, smooth talking, deceitfully caring, shallow, with a short attention span.In the past week there has been a flood of disent that seems to be porduced by the managed care industry.How is USA a democratic country when majority hates the current system and nothing is being done.I am not being critical of any of the above, except that from what I see daily it puts doctors, hospitals and pharmacies in the big middle.The private insurers and the lawmakers have brought a lot of this upon themselves.It looked like you were trying to divert attention from the TRUE point of the movie.When I moved to Canada from the U.S., where my employer paid our premiums, my new employer paid approximately equivalent premiums for my family into the government plan.

All though these systems are expensive, guess what.the US one is pretty expensive too (Mr Moore was spot-on on this pt).Michael Moore is not the only person who believes that single-payer healthcare is a good idea.I am from Canada and I feel that we do have an amazing health care system.Gupta, I have been an RN in this country for 30 years and was deeply disappointed in your debate with Moore.Retirees either need to be wealthy, or have supplemental insurance paid for by themselves, or go on Medicaid.Unfortunately, I am one of the uninsured adults in this country, so I speak from that perspective.We will simply acquire land from private owners, and expect the private owners to give us their land for free.At a minimum, we all should have the same healthcare that our elected politicians currently have and without the hassles.I feel it was a very unfortunate choice on your part to so prominently include the statements of someone whose affiliations tend to undermine confidence in the objectivity of your report.

To point out another example of the Foxification of CNN just watch the Moore v.I worry that comparing apples and oranges purposely, and perhaps needlessly, muddy the argument.You cleaned it up before the airing on Larry King tonight (July 10), but why was that specific mistake not cleaned up before yesterday.His blog response to you noted in an earlier copmment is even further evidence of how far he will go to try and be outrageous to create dissent and buzz.As a good host Larry should have drive discussion toward how nation fix this problem, try to get the answer from Sanjay and Michael.One can pick at the details of any work, be it ones research, documentary etc.

In my belief it is the job of the journalist to investigate the institutions themselves, not just the people that look to challenge what those institutions are doing and in this I feel you have failed.Healthcare cost are exhorbitant and have fallen prey to how the next man on the ladder of sucess can make a buck.A course in probability and statistics demonstrates just how subjective conclusions can be, and Mr.Mizzoni (Food, Meal Delivery, Meal Takeaway, Restaurant) is located at 43 Shanard Road, Santry, Dublin 9, Ireland.Moore wants to push his message and he has done so very well, I understand your defense of complete accuracy in reporting.Simply demonstrating that our system is broken does not mean such an option is the only choice, and I was particularly surprised by Mr.For those fifteen minutes I was charged 260 Dollars and the Prescriptions cost an additional 160.

She walked around with 3 shattered bones in her hand and wrist for more than 34hrs.The perceptions is that health care is an entitlement is wrong.Sanjay, I dont think it makes any sense when all your past reporting have been in health science.For those of us with insurance, even though our taxes may go up, chances are we will never see the increase, and we could have piece of mind.I did want to comment on one of the points you brought up last night as i felt it did not seem exactly true with my experiences.Book a room at the Forty Four Main Street in Swords for the best price on Travelocity.I was looking for the healthy discussion regarding the Health system in the America.The pool of funds is not distributed evenly because of course some health care problems are more expensive than others.Shame on you for missing tis very key tenet of the movie and the disspassionate attitude you displayed on this topic.

I am especially interested in the topic of medical care because of personal experience with the current system.All six of these home visits lasted for about an hour and again dealt with both my physical and metal well-being as well as that of my baby.Almost 60 per cent of grassroots Tories told the ConservativeHome website that the Prime Minister must fall on her sword after.Our income tax rate is roughly 18% on an 80K income after deductions.And I just feel bad for Dr. Gupta. This is terrible for his reputation.Insurance companies do ration your care even now by denying certain claims, etc.Everyone should receive all medical care necessary to maitain wellness, to gain back health.

If so, you must have a rather low opinion of the public mind, or at least those who see Sicko.Massachusetts is a state which is already making changes with their new bill passed in April, which requires all residents to purchase health insurance at a low-cost.Article commentaires (14) This website has a lot more information about drones that follow you.Leadership means being informed, mindful of mutual survival, and the ability to communicate effectively.Just two things, when my first wife died I had adequate health coverage.

Only fibres promoting a stable butyrate producing colonic ecosystem decrease the rate of aberrant crypt foci in rats.My aged Mother lives there and if she calls her doctor on a Monday and the doctor cannot see her until say Friday she will be told to call back on Thursday at which time she is given an appointment for Friday and so the statistic shows that she has her appointment within one day.

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Certainly government bureaucracies often get muddled in procedures and lose their sense of objective.